Heidi Wirgentius (1977)

Finnish artist and veterinarian.

Lives and works in Askola and Kangasniemi.

My art -and my life- is about connecting with nature.

I have the privilege of living in and with nature. Most of the year I live on a small island, where I can really strongly feel the sensation of wholeness and happiness, which comes from the connection with nature. We are part of nature and nature is so deeply in us, that even living in urban, modern world we can never really lose the connection. But can get weaker, leaving sense of lack and emptiness.

Science of life has always fascinated me. It's amazing how tiny electromagnetic fields can hold this universe in it's visible form, how the water cycle of the earth also circulates through every one of us, how particles we digest are rearranged to form this body. Everything is connected to make life possible and I endlessly wonder what is the point of that, and what does it mean to be part of this universe as a human being?

Art has been an important part of my life since childhood. I was a bit different child, spending all the time I could with animals and in nature. Drawing and painting was the easiest way to express myself and ever since I got my first set of oil paints I have loved them. I studied fine arts in my early twenties, but after developing a serious hypersensitivity for solvents I could take no more classes and had a long pause in painting, starting again in 2014.

Artists have always, since ancient cave paintings, painted animals and landscapes to show the importance of nature and their respect for it. I love painting animals , but I also find painting very interesting when I include humans, wishing to make it really evident how we are inseparable from nature. With my art I wish to create a moment of connection, to touch the part of nature we all have in us and to wake up the sense of oneness.



Solo exhibitions

2023, Loviisa, Galleria Theodor "Luonnon kosketus"

2023, Helsinki, Galleria Art Frida "Circle of Life"

2022, Loviisa, Galleria Theodor "Wings of Light"
2022 Porvoo, Aatos galleria "Voimaeläimiä"

2022 Helsinki, Kulttuuritalo, "Strive for the moon"

2020 Helsinki, Taidesalonki Piirto "Hevosia ja muuta elämää", dual exhibition

2017Helsinki, Taidekahvila Pikkurastas

2017-2018 Porvoo, Mehiläinen

2015 Helsinki, Taidesalonki Piirto ”Luontoyhteys”

2013- Porvoo, vaihtuva oma näyttely Porvoon Lemmikkilääkärien

Group exhibitions:

2023, Helsinki, Messukeskus, "Toinen todellisuus"

2023, Rovaniemi, Lapponica-sali, "Kaamoksen kutsu"

2023, Loviisa, Galleria Theodor, "Kesäunelmia"

2023, Helsinki, Kaapelitehdas, Suomen Taiteilijat ry vuosinäyttely

2023, Kuusamo, Kuusamotalo "Taiteilijan vapaus"

2023, Helsinki, Galleria Art Frida, "Lintutarha", yhteisnäyttely

2023, Loviisa, Galleria Thoedor, "Animals" yhteisnäyttely

2023, Loviisa, Galleria Theodor, "Tulokkaat" yhteisnäyttely

2022, Loviisa, Galleria Theodor, "Valo" yhteisnäyttely

2022 Loviisa, Galleria Theodor, Loviisan taideyhdistyksen 50v juhlanäyttely

2022 Helsinki, Kaapelitehdas, Suomen taiteilijat ry. vuosinäyttely

2021 Turun tiedepuisto, parkkihallin elävöittämisprojekti muraali "MUUkalaiset"

2020 DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year finalist and Highly Commended

2019 Helsinki,Taidesalonki Piirto ”Kevättuulia”, yhteisnäyttely

2018-2019 Onkamo,Taidekeskus Onnela, yhteisnäyttely

2017 Helsinki, Taidesalonki Piirto, ”DOG -taidetta koirista”, ryhmänäyttely

2016 Helsinki, Galleria Piirto ”Kymmenen kädenjälkeä”,yhteisnäyttely

2016 Loviisa, Strömforsin ruukki ”Kolme naista, kolme näkemystä- eläimistä ja elämästä” ryhmänäyttely